Sep 26 2007

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Hotteterre, Jacques “le Romain” (c. 1674-1763)

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• as early as 1689 he played in Louis XIV’s court
• by 1708 was recognized as ‘flûte de la Chambre du Roy’
• from the dedication of several his publications it is obvious that Hotteterre was a highly sought after teacher of the amateurs of the fashionable world
• was in demand as a performer
• fame was international
• gained two positions in the court: one in the Grands Hautbois and the other “flûte de la musique de la chambre”


• Principles de la Flûte traversière, ou flûte d’Allemagne, de la flûte à bec, ou flûte douce, et du haut-bois, diviséz par traitéz (1707)
• L’Art de préluder sur la flûte traversière, sur flûte-à-bec, sur le haubois, et autres instruments de dessus (1719)
• two books of suites for transverse flute and basso continuo (1708, 1715)
• a book of trio sonatas (1712)
• three duet suites for unaccompanied flutes or other instruments (1712, 1717,1722)

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