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Loeillet, John (1680-1730)

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原名 Jean-Baptiste Loeillet

比利時的作曲家,長笛家及大鍵琴家,1680年生於Ghent, 1730年逝於倫敦。他在1705年定居於倫敦,以在樂團吹奏長笛及教授大鍵琴為生。根據牛津簡明音樂字典,是他將單鍵的巴洛克長笛介紹到倫敦的。


• was the first musician of stature to play the Baroque flute in England; probably the first composer to publish idiomatic chamber music for the instrument there
• born in Ghent; nothing certain is known of John’s early life and training
• proficient in playing recorder, oboe, flute, and harpsichord
• arrived in London by 10 April 1705 and played in the Drury Lane Theatre band (as an oboist); played in the band to accompany drama and occasionally chamber music in the intermissions between the acts of the plays
• the German flute seems to have been known in England since the 1690’s but still remain rare in the early 18th century
• it is commonly stated that Loeillet was responsible for introducing the transverse flute to England in 1705 although he clearly did not first introduce it
• continued playing as oboist at the Queen’s Theatre until 1711 and started giving private lessons and concerts
• might have influenced and taught his colleagues the art of playing transverse flute


• four dances around 1720
• Opus 1: 3 trio sonatas for alto recorder, oboe or violin, and basso continuo, and 3 for 2 flutes and basso continuo (1722); 6suites for harpsichord (1723)
• Opus 2: 6 trio sonatas for 2 violins and basso continuo, 3 for alto recorder, oboe and basso continuo, and 3 for two flutes and basso continuo (ca. 1725)
• Opus 3: 6 sonatas for alto recorder and basso continuo, and 6 for flute and basso continuo (1729)

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